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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

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Minerve - Still a Working Town

Susan Marek

Despite being the site of a Cathar massacre in 1210, Minerve is unexpectedly peaceful.

It's narrow streets wind up and down the diminutive hill on which it sits, overlooking a beautiful gorge.  It is hard to believe that is was the place that 140 Cathar "parfaits" were burned for heresy.  Energetically, Minerve had a blanket of loving energy over it, almost like a dome, protecting it and maintaining the feeling of love that so penetrated the Cathar society here once.  It felt physically soft and calm.  The group spent time walking to the Cathar memorial

and then journeyed down into the gorge, following the path of the martyrs.  While walking, I had a vision of a line of parfaits walking down into the gorge, two by two, men and women.  One pair were helping each other down when the woman slipped and the man gently caught her before she tumbled down the steep slope.  It was such a gentle, loving gesture juxtapositioned against the harsh reality that awaited them at the bottom.  There was an overwhelming feeling of sadness, which you would think wouldn't be unusual except that the sadness was not for themselves.  The Cathars were grieving the fact that their conquerors were so misguided.  The Parfaits were genuinely concerned for their persecutors!  At first, it took me by surprise, but knowing the little I know about their ways and beliefs, I should have expected nothing less.  It was actually quite lovely and a true "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do" moment.  At the site of the burning in the gorge, the group said a prayer for them and spent some time in silence.

One member of our group began to sing a song, inspired and divinely guided in that moment.  We were all moved to tears.  On our way back up to the town from the gorge, I 'saw'  that Minerve was not just a place of memories, but in actuality is still a "working" enclave of the Cathars.  There is a funnel of energy that exists over the town, that channels the Way of Love into the energy of this world. These people are still here etherically, holding a space for love to remain.  Demori!

On to Rennes-le-Chateau...

What "vibes" are you giving off?

Susan Marek

What "vibes" are you giving off?  Whenever my son starts to get mad and stomps around, I tell him to take it outside because I don't want him spewing negative energy in the house.  I have become so sensitive to energy that I can see and feel the energy in an environment. Anger begets anger.  Joy begets joy. Fear begets fear. Sadness begets sadness.  Every moment we have a choice about how be can be.  Just being gives off energy as we are light beings, made of universal energy.  We change what we give off based on our thoughts and emotions at any given moment.  Have you ever just known that a person was upset, or seen the glow around a pregnant woman?  Those are vibes that we read, the energy that we exude.  We don't give ourselves the credit we deserve at reading energy.  We do it all time, even if we don't know it.  Our ability to read energy changes every day.  If we are tired or hopped up on artificial stimulants like caffeine, our ability goes down.  When we are rested and happy, we can more easily feel the vibes from others.  It is a natural and divine gift which helps us to function as a community. 

Although we are naturally gifted in reading energy, many times we do not trust our instincts.  We disregard what we know in favor of logic.  Sometimes, the energy we are getting from someone goes against how they are behaving or what they are saying.  Trust in your gut reactions, for they are truer than what your logical mind is telling you.  Using your intuition along with your senses can give you a much richer picture of someone or a situation.  So watch your thoughts and words, as you are giving off energetically what you are thinking, feeling, and saying.  The fastest way to joy is to give joy.  So give off those happy vibes and watch what happens!

Making Your Interior Life Your Exterior Life - Part 3

Susan Marek

Part 3 -

The seed now must awaken and begin its journey out of the shell and into the world.  It temporarily lives on the meat, the fruit of the labor of the generation before it, a gift from the universe. It slowly awakens and first sets down roots in its new home. Then, stretched its tiny, first leaves up and out beyond the remnants of the coarse shell and into the unknown. Sunlight, which has been warming the seed, unbeknownst to it, now is known in its full glory to the seedling.  Because it has grown beyond the confines of its outer shell, it can now feel the warmth of the sun on its own leaves, not through something else. The light and heat directly affects the seedling, causing interior changes that encourage and support further growth into a sapling. And so it goes on from there.  Earth feeding its needs from the roots, sun feeding its needs from the leaves.  A connection of Earth and Sky. The Tree of Life. No wonder many traditions of people choose the tree to represent this divine relationship.  They recognize the divine in a simple, beautiful tree.  And it is that simple, joyful, and profound.  Let it be that way for your life as well.  Allow.  Allow Spirit and all the divine energies in past your shell of fear, anger, sadness, and doubt.  Allow them to find that inner soul seed.  Allow the divine light to reach your sacred center and encourage the divine growth of your soul.  You already have the knowledge to take root and grow.  Allow Spirit in to support your efforts. And then reap the fruits of your labor in the fruit you bear after reaching the sunlight. 

Making Your Interior Life Your Exterior Life - Part 2

Susan Marek

Part 2 - 

When I was cracking walnuts the other day, I thought about how nuts mirrored our experience in life.  We must first crack open and remove the outer hard shell of sarcasm, pessimism, fear, despair, in order to reveal the inner meat of the matter,  the nourishment, food of life for the seed that is within. The seed itself is not substantial, but is the core of the seed. It holds all the information for the new life to begin and grow. The layers are peeled away to reveal the true purpose and nature of the seed.  Once uncovered, the seed must be nourished, fed, watered, and warmed to encourage growth.  Remove the human hand from this process and see how the natural process mirrors our own release of our spirit to the Universe.  When the nut falls from the tree, it does not immediately begin to grow.  Exterior forces must weaken the shell. Wind, rain, the harshness of the environment all contribute to the breakdown of the hard outer shell.  Some shells are harder than others, and not all will be exposed to the extreme conditions.  Although this shell serves to protect the inner, more fragile parts, it ultimately must be removed for the good of the future plant.  It will open, sometimes gradually and naturally or sometimes by force of an animal. The interior is now exposed and the growth process begun.

Making Your Interior Life Your Exterior Life - Part 1

Susan Marek

Allow. It is that simple. You are already in control of your interior life. Your opinions, thoughts, knowledge, dreams, hopes, fears. Those are all owned by you. You are master of their fate.  As you delve more into what your interior life really is, you will realize that you are just beginning to understand the process by which you come to this understanding.  The origin of this interior climate is much deeper than you think.  But for now, you live as creator and master of your intellect.  From this point, you can begin to release your control and ALLOW the sacred energies to take over the procurement of your interior world for your enjoyment on the exterior.  For it is truly about joy. The joy of creating, learning, experiencing. As the source is pure love, so are the creations. You are pure love, joy, one in all energies and thoughts with Spirit. When you allow the idea of allowing the sacred into your experience, it now becomes more than just a possibility of joy and lightness.  It becomes unstoppable, this joyful life. All things work toward the creation of joy for you.
 Part 2 - The Seed tomorrow...

Wait! Don't give up yet!

Susan Marek

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." - John Quincy Adams

The message I am getting for today is persistence.  We have just come into a new energy and vibration over the past week.  We are still getting used to the calmer energies that have slowly settled into our reality, and we are ready to take a deep breath and relax.  I am being told that we need to be patient and to let the new vibration really settle into our beings before giving up on projects that seem to be going nowhere or on dreams that seem to good to be true.  Be persistent in allowing your true self to shine through.  Once we have fully absorbed and adjust to this new vibe, we will be ready, willing, and able to tackle our unfinished business with greater joy, speed, and success.

There are a few way you can help yourself in attuning to this new energy.  Get out in nature and ground yourself in the grass or by literally hugging a tree.  Let the Earth assist in adjusting and clearing your energy.  Drink more water.  Water helps to cleanse your physical body, and releasing physical toxins also clears them out energetically.  Get more sleep.  Yes, I am giving you permission to take a nap.  Our bodies need more rest while they are going through the adjustment.  Laugh, and I mean a real, belly laugh.  Laugh until your face hurts and your eyes start tearing up.  That alone is enough to raise your vibration tremendously.  Laughter clears out denser energies from your lower chakras and makes room for higher vibrations.

Be persistent in taking care of yourself, and don't give up yet!  Our new and improved, energized selves will soon be moving forward despite our previous fears.  The best is yet to come!