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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

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Another day, another castle...

Susan Marek

Oh, where to start today? Another chateau.  Yawn.  Another gorgeous view.  Sigh.  Just when I thought that the events of the day before were life-changing, another day came and additional miraculous places and experiences presented themselves. We started the day in Arques chateau, the beautiful remains of another Languedoc castle.  This place is extremely special energetically.  There is a lovely, divine current of energy that can be felt on this property.  The views from the tower are stunning, and the inside is cozy and light.  I am feeling somewhat selfish today with my experiences there and won't be sharing every detail, but here are some pictures which will help convey the beauty of the place.

Arques Castle

Arques Castle

view from Arques Castle

Arques Castle

Next stop was the Gorge of Galamus, a magnificent gorge near Bugarach mountain.  Built into the side of the steep rock walls is a hermitage, which houses a grotto dedicated to Mary Magdalene. 
hermitage in Gorge of Galamus

The hike into the gorge was not terribly difficult, but the rocks on the path were slippery due to the thousands of shoes that have polished them to a shine. With a small river bubbling in the background, I made my way to the entrance of the hermitage.  It was pleasantly cool inside and above, someone rang a bell, which at one time, probably called people to prayer.  Today, it beckoned me in further into the sacred space, which opened into a surprisingly large grotto.  It was breathtaking, with the high ceilings and soft candlelight.   After the requisite picture taking, I settled into a natural stone seat in the back of the grotto.  Mary Magdalene is said to have taught the Way of Love here, and from the energy that is imbued in this space, I truly believe that. 
Mary Magdalene Grotto

There is a palpable softness and feeling of love that emanates from the stone.  I had a powerful, personal experience here, which I am not ready to share, but it has left me changed.  This is a place of heaven on Earth with all of its human-ness and divinity expressed together. 

And for all you orb lovers, look closely at the last picture.  There are a few that joined us in the grotto. 

Alas, tomorrow there will be no chateaux.  But the mysteries keep coming!

Minerve - Still a Working Town

Susan Marek

Despite being the site of a Cathar massacre in 1210, Minerve is unexpectedly peaceful.

It's narrow streets wind up and down the diminutive hill on which it sits, overlooking a beautiful gorge.  It is hard to believe that is was the place that 140 Cathar "parfaits" were burned for heresy.  Energetically, Minerve had a blanket of loving energy over it, almost like a dome, protecting it and maintaining the feeling of love that so penetrated the Cathar society here once.  It felt physically soft and calm.  The group spent time walking to the Cathar memorial

and then journeyed down into the gorge, following the path of the martyrs.  While walking, I had a vision of a line of parfaits walking down into the gorge, two by two, men and women.  One pair were helping each other down when the woman slipped and the man gently caught her before she tumbled down the steep slope.  It was such a gentle, loving gesture juxtapositioned against the harsh reality that awaited them at the bottom.  There was an overwhelming feeling of sadness, which you would think wouldn't be unusual except that the sadness was not for themselves.  The Cathars were grieving the fact that their conquerors were so misguided.  The Parfaits were genuinely concerned for their persecutors!  At first, it took me by surprise, but knowing the little I know about their ways and beliefs, I should have expected nothing less.  It was actually quite lovely and a true "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do" moment.  At the site of the burning in the gorge, the group said a prayer for them and spent some time in silence.

One member of our group began to sing a song, inspired and divinely guided in that moment.  We were all moved to tears.  On our way back up to the town from the gorge, I 'saw'  that Minerve was not just a place of memories, but in actuality is still a "working" enclave of the Cathars.  There is a funnel of energy that exists over the town, that channels the Way of Love into the energy of this world. These people are still here etherically, holding a space for love to remain.  Demori!

On to Rennes-le-Chateau...

Something is energetically afoot...

Susan Marek

Today is yoga day.  I am usually so excited to go and stretch my muscles and mind, but today I feel differently.  Something in me is wanting me to stay home and eat chocolate chip cookies.  Not even the gluten-free kind.  I mean the gross, gooey, wheat-laden type that wreak havoc on my physical and energy bodies.  I have been fighting this feeling for a few days now.  Baking vegan Twinkies and making homemade buns didn't help either.  I feel like I am being pulled back into old habits.  Something energetic is afoot here.  I am not the only one feeling this.  Others are having similar issues.  Old injuries flaring up. Old ailments rearing their ugly head.  How about you? 

What "vibes" are you giving off?

Susan Marek

What "vibes" are you giving off?  Whenever my son starts to get mad and stomps around, I tell him to take it outside because I don't want him spewing negative energy in the house.  I have become so sensitive to energy that I can see and feel the energy in an environment. Anger begets anger.  Joy begets joy. Fear begets fear. Sadness begets sadness.  Every moment we have a choice about how be can be.  Just being gives off energy as we are light beings, made of universal energy.  We change what we give off based on our thoughts and emotions at any given moment.  Have you ever just known that a person was upset, or seen the glow around a pregnant woman?  Those are vibes that we read, the energy that we exude.  We don't give ourselves the credit we deserve at reading energy.  We do it all time, even if we don't know it.  Our ability to read energy changes every day.  If we are tired or hopped up on artificial stimulants like caffeine, our ability goes down.  When we are rested and happy, we can more easily feel the vibes from others.  It is a natural and divine gift which helps us to function as a community. 

Although we are naturally gifted in reading energy, many times we do not trust our instincts.  We disregard what we know in favor of logic.  Sometimes, the energy we are getting from someone goes against how they are behaving or what they are saying.  Trust in your gut reactions, for they are truer than what your logical mind is telling you.  Using your intuition along with your senses can give you a much richer picture of someone or a situation.  So watch your thoughts and words, as you are giving off energetically what you are thinking, feeling, and saying.  The fastest way to joy is to give joy.  So give off those happy vibes and watch what happens!

Changes in Relationships

Susan Marek

Over the past few months, I have noticed how my relationship to different people in my life has changed.  Some friendships have bloomed and grown.  Others have withered and died.  Some are still in transition, and I am not sure which way they are going.  As I have changed, it is only natural that relationships around me must shift as well. Part of me is sadden by this, but I realize nothing can stay the same.  Things become stagnant, and what was once healthy and beneficial can become toxic and dangerous to our movement forward.  Friends and family members seem to change, but really, it is me that is changing and shifting.  I know that all is in divine order and all of us are moving, shifting, learning.  I am still in the process of trying to understand the changes that are taking place and working with the emotions around the shift in relationships.  Sometimes it is just a matter of trusting all is in perfect order and going with the flow.  So I am sending blessings out to everyone in my life - past, present, and future.  May we all learn, grow, and change for our highest good.

Fall Energy Feels So Good!

Susan Marek

While the cat's away, the mice will play.  In my house, this means "my husband is out of town, and I am redecorating."  I love changing things up, especially in the Fall.  The leaves are changing color and so are the rooms in my house.  I haven't gotten out the paint yet, but I have adorned the rooms of my home in orange pumpkins, red apples, and brown turkeys.  Ok, I jumped the gun a little on Thanksgiving, but he was too cute to pass up.  Shhhhh!  Don't tell my husband, but I bought a new coffee table that has storage inside.  "It's practical and nice looking," I plan to tell him.  Pumpkin-scented candles are strewn about the house.  I even cheated a little and bought a few LED faux candles made out of real wax.  My daughter has even gotten in the spirit of things and helped rearrange bedroom furniture.  She has the potential to be an HGTV star.  She even cleaned her sister's room!  Shocking!  I have a pile of books to go to the bookstore to be traded in and a pile started for Goodwill.  Trash bags full of, well, trash are starting to pile up outside as we clear out the clutter.  I am still hoping that the kid will clean up their closets and re-home some toys as we prepare for Christmas.  A mom can dream...

I have noticed how the energy has changed over the past few days as we have been lightening our load.  Our days have been flowing more smoothly.  The kids have been helping out more than usual.  The energy feels GOOD in the house.  I am looking forward to the cool days and cooler nights.  The leaves are starting to change and the the walnuts are ready to be picked.  It was 36 degrees this morning.  For some reason, I seem to come more to life when the weather cools down.  So, life is good and all is well.  I don't know if it is the redecorating and de-cluttering, the cooler weather, or the change of seasons that has shifted the energies in a positive direction, but it doesn't matter to me.  I am loving this energy right now.  Keep it coming and bring on the holidays!

Is Re-Membering a Form of TIme Travel?

Susan Marek

"Remember the time when...?"  The word 'remember' is interesting.  Re =  again or anew and member = a part of a whole.  "Remember when we went to Disneyland?" "Remember to brush your teeth!"  When we remember, we are becoming part of something again. We are re-membering ourselves into a group of memories, habits, realities.  We become part of an event a second, third, or more time.  We bring ourselves back to a time when we were five years old, or riding a roller coaster, or the death of a parent.

All this got me thinking about the human concept of time.  Time exists because we say it does.  We created it to have a point of reference in our reality.  We are at once past, present, and future, but we place rules and restrictions on ourselves and call it time.  So when we re-member, are we "time" traveling?  Are we moving energetically to another point in reality when/where we re-member?  Can memories have a detrimental affect on our vibration when we re-member into them.  And I do mean "into them" because if it is "time" travel, we are moving into them.  So then can we alter our reality when we re-member into a memory and have a different viewpoint?  I have no idea what the answer is to that, but I think it warrants some more thought. I will have to re-member this next time I meditate.

Are Zombies Really Doing the Best They Can?

Susan Marek

I have heard it said that people are always doing the very best they can at any given moment.  Sometimes I find that hard to believe, especially when I am walking through Costco.  I believe the walking dead inhabit large warehouse stores.  Today, I was overcome by the perceived incompetence of people around me and got very frustrated.  I had a moment to reflect on what I observed today and came up with a few thoughts.  Are people doing the best they can at any given moment?  No, they could be pushing themselves to do more, they could be courteous to the people around them, OR could they?  Maybe they don't have the energy or the will at that moment.  If they did, would they be wandering aimlessly through aisles in search of brains food?  I believe that every soul has the yearning to go higher, to climb the vibrational ladder, to move closer to their Source, but there are moments in our earthly life in which we can't see the road in front of us, and it is all we can do just to cling to where we are.  When the fog clears, we move ahead, perhaps slowly at first. The yearning to move doesn't disappear.  Regardless of speed, we all continue down a path, some bound for what others might term 'greatness', and others bounds for what some may term 'failure'.  We must be careful, though, on how we label others' paths and their actions.  When we label, we judge.  When we judge, we do so from ego, not from our higher selves.  This does not serve our journey up the vibrational ladder, nor does it benefit anyone involved.  Our thoughts and actions extend beyond ourselves to the collective consciousness and affect the energy of the world around us. Thought by thought we affect and are affected by the collective.  Sounds a little like a bad Star Trek episode with the Borg. 

So all the way from zombie-like shoppers at Costco to collective consciousness...seems like a big leap.  It makes perfect sense to my higher self, but the ego is still having a hard time with people leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle in search of the smallest taste of food.  Perhaps microscopic samples of fruit smoothies and tortilla chips are worth it...

Disengaging from the "HOW"

Susan Marek

One of things I have noticed about angel guidance readings is that the issues and guidance that come up usually have a theme. I had the honor of doing readings for some very nice ladies yesterday. When I was finished for the day, I reflected back on the women and noticed they all had one thing in common: they were having a hard time releasing their issues to God and the angels.  When we ask for divine assistance, many times we don't wait for an answer.  We expect the answer to come immediately in a form that WE choose.  We also expect the answer to be exactly what we want to hear.  When it doesn't appear in the manner or time in which we have chosen, we become disappointed and lose faith.  We might even assume God doesn't hear us or doesn't want to help.  Both of those are the farthest from the truth.  When we call on Spirit for help, the answer is immediately on its way back to us.  We are so loved and connected to God that it is impossible for us not to be heard and honored. 

Releasing your worries and concerns to God and the angels frees up our energy to focus on higher vibration things as well as allowing us to more clearly hear guidance from God and the angels.  When we aren't worrying about HOW we are going to do something, we are open to the miracles and guidance that comes quickly and naturally.  I have noticed that when I become so exasperated with a situation that I literally throw my hands up and say, "I give up!  I can't take it anymore!", that answers, assistance, and miracle come at light speed.  I released the "how" to Spirit.  We don't need to get to that point to "Let Go and Let God." Simply trusting that everything is taken care of is enough.  Hold on to the outcome, but disengage from the process.  Allow God to choose the how.  Then, be open and ready to take action on the guidance that will be coming your way.  I would bet the "how" is much more fabulous and incredible than you could ever dream up for yourself.

I find that during the readings, there is also guidance for me in the messages I am receiving for the client.  I am taking that to heart today and letting go of the "how".  I am excited to discover what miracles are headed my way!  It also frees up a lot of my energy so I can put it to better use doing laundry, cleaning toilets, feeding dogs, doing dishes...

"Bubbling Up"

Susan Marek

I first learned about "bubbling up" many years ago during a class I was taking on the energy body.  As an empath (think Counselor Troi from Star Trek-TNG), I am extremely sensitive to others people's energies and thoughts.  Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to be in large crowds, especially during high energy events.  "Bubbling up" is a great way to protect your energetic and emotional bodies.  It is very simple to do.  Here's the technique:  Visualize yourself inside a white bubble.  You determine the opacity and thickness. Set the intention that you are safe and protected from all negative and lower energies and that only love may pass through to you.  It is literally that simple.  Do this once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and you will feel and difference in your moods and energy level.  You can also use your intuition to select a different color of light to surround yourself in.  Green light can be very healing, blue light is calming, and pink is full of love.  Use what you feel would benefit you most at that time.  Many times, I have been guided to use rainbow light.  Perhaps I am covering all my bases with that one.

"Bubbling up" is a simple, effective way for anyone, not just empaths, to protect themselves on many levels.  It is not only quick, but can be done anywhere.  Make it an everyday habit, and you will feel its effects immediately.  Bubble up!!

Simple Space to Sacred Space

Susan Marek

We have all seen altars in churches, some more ornate than others.  Some people have an altar in their home dedicated to deceased loved ones. Altars are symbols of Divine space, a place dedicated to spirituality and/or religious beliefs.  In my home, I have a small space dedicated to my spiritual beliefs. I wouldn't call it an altar really, but a small sanctuary on a bookshelf in my bedroom.  It holds my crystals, a few statues of angels, my pendulum, a salt lamp, and a few candles.  I see it when I first wake up and right before I go to sleep.  It reminds me of my connection to Spirit and my path in this lifetime.   I think that everyone should have a space dedicated to their own beliefs, a sacred space that can serve as a refuge from day-to-day stresses.  This could be as big as a room or as small as a shelf.  Just someplace to go or view that brings you back to your divine center.
Here are some easy, low-cost ideas to help you create your own sacred space:
   - Choose a space that you feel relaxed in, whether it be a bedroom, a corner of your living room, or even a sheltered outdoor spot.  It can even be the top of a bookcase, a shelf, or a table.
   - Clear out the clutter.  This is your sanctuary!  Treat it as such.  Remove anything that doesn't celebrate your connection to Spirit. 
   - Clear the energy.  You can clear the energy of your space very easily with smudging.  Sage bundles work very well at clearing.  With a lighter, light your sage bundle, then blow it out, thus creating the smoke.  Wave the bundle in the space to be cleared, setting the intention of clearing and creating a peaceful, loving environment.
   - Set the stage. A favorite handkerchief, table cloth, piece of fabric, or scarf can be a beautiful and simple way to add color to your space.  I used a heirloom table runner to cover the top of a  bookcase. 
   - Time to decorate!  Crystals, flowers, candles, pictures, statues, and sacred objects are all things you can use to make it your own sacred space.  Switch things around with the seasons.  Add and remove objects when you feel inspired to do so. 

There are no rules to designing your own divine space.  Use your intuition and have fun with it! 

Wait! Don't give up yet!

Susan Marek

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." - John Quincy Adams

The message I am getting for today is persistence.  We have just come into a new energy and vibration over the past week.  We are still getting used to the calmer energies that have slowly settled into our reality, and we are ready to take a deep breath and relax.  I am being told that we need to be patient and to let the new vibration really settle into our beings before giving up on projects that seem to be going nowhere or on dreams that seem to good to be true.  Be persistent in allowing your true self to shine through.  Once we have fully absorbed and adjust to this new vibe, we will be ready, willing, and able to tackle our unfinished business with greater joy, speed, and success.

There are a few way you can help yourself in attuning to this new energy.  Get out in nature and ground yourself in the grass or by literally hugging a tree.  Let the Earth assist in adjusting and clearing your energy.  Drink more water.  Water helps to cleanse your physical body, and releasing physical toxins also clears them out energetically.  Get more sleep.  Yes, I am giving you permission to take a nap.  Our bodies need more rest while they are going through the adjustment.  Laugh, and I mean a real, belly laugh.  Laugh until your face hurts and your eyes start tearing up.  That alone is enough to raise your vibration tremendously.  Laughter clears out denser energies from your lower chakras and makes room for higher vibrations.

Be persistent in taking care of yourself, and don't give up yet!  Our new and improved, energized selves will soon be moving forward despite our previous fears.  The best is yet to come!

09/09/09 Some thoughts for the day

Susan Marek

Today is September 9, 2009.  In short form, 09/09/09. In the angelic realm, nines are a message to you to get to work NOW on your life purpose.  Everything is in place for you to get moving.   Today is huge energetically, as it signifies the completion of one energetic phase and the beginning of a new one.  We are moving into a new energy that has been a long time coming.  The human race and Mother Earth are moving into a new vibration, which is opening up many doors for us in terms of our life purpose.  We have been riding the vibrational roller coaster over the past year and a half, up and down with some dramatic pauses that felt like we were standing still.  The ride is now coming to an end in terms of the extreme changes and we can look forward to a more peaceful time energetically as we settle into our new vibrations.

Take advantage of this day to reflect on your accomplishments and where you are on your life path.  It is a perfect time to plant seeds of hope and abundance on all levels and in all aspects of your life.  Take a few minutes to write down your goals, as the Universe is paying close attention today to the intentions and vibrations you put out there.  The angels are telling me that "the fruits of your labor have never been so important as right now."  Take stock of yourself and release blocks to your path with the help of this new vibration.  It is "go/no go" time in terms of your desires and aspirations.  You are in the driver's seat and can decide to not step into a new role or future.  But these energies are "ripe for the picking," and I encourage you to take advantage of this loving, powerful energy to bring about your hopes and dreams.  Have fun with it!