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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Where the Hell is Matt?!!?

Susan Marek

Where the Hell is Matt?!!?  At first glance, Matt looks like your average Joe.  Cute, funny, all-American Joe.  Who likes to travel, sometimes to strange, exotic places and dance "badly" (his words). The first time I watched one of his videos, I cried like a baby.  All over the world Matt has danced with wild abandon, sometimes alone, but many times with crowds of laughing, smiling people.  He demonstrated that no matter where you live or the circumstances in which you live, people are still the same. They laugh, they cry, they smile, they dance. Matt asked people to dance with him and they came in droves.  We all are looking to find that connection with others. That is why we join book clubs, go to church, take line dancing classes, visit online chat rooms, play bingo.  And that is why we dance with Matt.

Where the Hell is Matt? 2008