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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

What "vibes" are you giving off?

Susan Marek

What "vibes" are you giving off?  Whenever my son starts to get mad and stomps around, I tell him to take it outside because I don't want him spewing negative energy in the house.  I have become so sensitive to energy that I can see and feel the energy in an environment. Anger begets anger.  Joy begets joy. Fear begets fear. Sadness begets sadness.  Every moment we have a choice about how be can be.  Just being gives off energy as we are light beings, made of universal energy.  We change what we give off based on our thoughts and emotions at any given moment.  Have you ever just known that a person was upset, or seen the glow around a pregnant woman?  Those are vibes that we read, the energy that we exude.  We don't give ourselves the credit we deserve at reading energy.  We do it all time, even if we don't know it.  Our ability to read energy changes every day.  If we are tired or hopped up on artificial stimulants like caffeine, our ability goes down.  When we are rested and happy, we can more easily feel the vibes from others.  It is a natural and divine gift which helps us to function as a community. 

Although we are naturally gifted in reading energy, many times we do not trust our instincts.  We disregard what we know in favor of logic.  Sometimes, the energy we are getting from someone goes against how they are behaving or what they are saying.  Trust in your gut reactions, for they are truer than what your logical mind is telling you.  Using your intuition along with your senses can give you a much richer picture of someone or a situation.  So watch your thoughts and words, as you are giving off energetically what you are thinking, feeling, and saying.  The fastest way to joy is to give joy.  So give off those happy vibes and watch what happens!