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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Reminiscing about Star Wars

Susan Marek

My kids are watching Star Wars #1 right now.  That's Episode 4 to all you youngin's.  A New Hope will always be the best episode because it is the one that started it all.  I remember my dad taking me to the opening show and how excited we were to be there.  I collected all the Star Wars action figures and still have a few.  I think that Luke still has his original light sabre that you pull out of his arm to make work.  Recently, I found my Princess Leia Barbie-sized doll I had hidden away in some keepsake box.  Still has the plastic bun-makers on either side of her head.  My kids have updated action figures spawned from the three newest movies and the animated series, Star Wars Clone Wars.  It is fun to be able to watch a classic through their eyes and to be able to laugh at the same jokes.  Who could forget about the cute little Jawas or the dorky Jar-Jar Binks?  I would like to forget about Jar-Jar Binks actually.  He is an abomination in the Star Wars universe.  Jar-Jar aside, the Star Wars saga is a timeless masterpiece that should be shared with your children.  It is a story of tragedy, triumph, and a lot of really cool space battles.  It even manages to sneak in some philosophy.  I will save the dissertation on that for another time.  May the Force Be With You!