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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Making Your Interior Life Your Exterior Life - Part 3

Susan Marek

Part 3 -

The seed now must awaken and begin its journey out of the shell and into the world.  It temporarily lives on the meat, the fruit of the labor of the generation before it, a gift from the universe. It slowly awakens and first sets down roots in its new home. Then, stretched its tiny, first leaves up and out beyond the remnants of the coarse shell and into the unknown. Sunlight, which has been warming the seed, unbeknownst to it, now is known in its full glory to the seedling.  Because it has grown beyond the confines of its outer shell, it can now feel the warmth of the sun on its own leaves, not through something else. The light and heat directly affects the seedling, causing interior changes that encourage and support further growth into a sapling. And so it goes on from there.  Earth feeding its needs from the roots, sun feeding its needs from the leaves.  A connection of Earth and Sky. The Tree of Life. No wonder many traditions of people choose the tree to represent this divine relationship.  They recognize the divine in a simple, beautiful tree.  And it is that simple, joyful, and profound.  Let it be that way for your life as well.  Allow.  Allow Spirit and all the divine energies in past your shell of fear, anger, sadness, and doubt.  Allow them to find that inner soul seed.  Allow the divine light to reach your sacred center and encourage the divine growth of your soul.  You already have the knowledge to take root and grow.  Allow Spirit in to support your efforts. And then reap the fruits of your labor in the fruit you bear after reaching the sunlight.