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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Making Your Interior Life Your Exterior Life - Part 1

Susan Marek

Allow. It is that simple. You are already in control of your interior life. Your opinions, thoughts, knowledge, dreams, hopes, fears. Those are all owned by you. You are master of their fate.  As you delve more into what your interior life really is, you will realize that you are just beginning to understand the process by which you come to this understanding.  The origin of this interior climate is much deeper than you think.  But for now, you live as creator and master of your intellect.  From this point, you can begin to release your control and ALLOW the sacred energies to take over the procurement of your interior world for your enjoyment on the exterior.  For it is truly about joy. The joy of creating, learning, experiencing. As the source is pure love, so are the creations. You are pure love, joy, one in all energies and thoughts with Spirit. When you allow the idea of allowing the sacred into your experience, it now becomes more than just a possibility of joy and lightness.  It becomes unstoppable, this joyful life. All things work toward the creation of joy for you.
 Part 2 - The Seed tomorrow...