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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Is Re-Membering a Form of TIme Travel?

Susan Marek

"Remember the time when...?"  The word 'remember' is interesting.  Re =  again or anew and member = a part of a whole.  "Remember when we went to Disneyland?" "Remember to brush your teeth!"  When we remember, we are becoming part of something again. We are re-membering ourselves into a group of memories, habits, realities.  We become part of an event a second, third, or more time.  We bring ourselves back to a time when we were five years old, or riding a roller coaster, or the death of a parent.

All this got me thinking about the human concept of time.  Time exists because we say it does.  We created it to have a point of reference in our reality.  We are at once past, present, and future, but we place rules and restrictions on ourselves and call it time.  So when we re-member, are we "time" traveling?  Are we moving energetically to another point in reality when/where we re-member?  Can memories have a detrimental affect on our vibration when we re-member into them.  And I do mean "into them" because if it is "time" travel, we are moving into them.  So then can we alter our reality when we re-member into a memory and have a different viewpoint?  I have no idea what the answer is to that, but I think it warrants some more thought. I will have to re-member this next time I meditate.