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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Fall Energy Feels So Good!

Susan Marek

While the cat's away, the mice will play.  In my house, this means "my husband is out of town, and I am redecorating."  I love changing things up, especially in the Fall.  The leaves are changing color and so are the rooms in my house.  I haven't gotten out the paint yet, but I have adorned the rooms of my home in orange pumpkins, red apples, and brown turkeys.  Ok, I jumped the gun a little on Thanksgiving, but he was too cute to pass up.  Shhhhh!  Don't tell my husband, but I bought a new coffee table that has storage inside.  "It's practical and nice looking," I plan to tell him.  Pumpkin-scented candles are strewn about the house.  I even cheated a little and bought a few LED faux candles made out of real wax.  My daughter has even gotten in the spirit of things and helped rearrange bedroom furniture.  She has the potential to be an HGTV star.  She even cleaned her sister's room!  Shocking!  I have a pile of books to go to the bookstore to be traded in and a pile started for Goodwill.  Trash bags full of, well, trash are starting to pile up outside as we clear out the clutter.  I am still hoping that the kid will clean up their closets and re-home some toys as we prepare for Christmas.  A mom can dream...

I have noticed how the energy has changed over the past few days as we have been lightening our load.  Our days have been flowing more smoothly.  The kids have been helping out more than usual.  The energy feels GOOD in the house.  I am looking forward to the cool days and cooler nights.  The leaves are starting to change and the the walnuts are ready to be picked.  It was 36 degrees this morning.  For some reason, I seem to come more to life when the weather cools down.  So, life is good and all is well.  I don't know if it is the redecorating and de-cluttering, the cooler weather, or the change of seasons that has shifted the energies in a positive direction, but it doesn't matter to me.  I am loving this energy right now.  Keep it coming and bring on the holidays!