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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Are You Hypnotized? The Power of Suggestion

Susan Marek

I posted last week about a powerful book I read called "Hypnotizing Maria." Without giving the plot away, I can tell you that the main idea is that we are hypnotized from the moment of our birth.  Hypnosis works through the power of suggestion.  The person being hypnotized must buy into the reality the hypnotist is creating for them.  Each statement that we make regarding ourselves and the world around us has the potential to alter the illusion we call reality.  For example, the sentence "I am happy." is really a suggestion.  We have to choice to buy into that and incorporate that into ourselves OR reject that statement and substitute a different one.  Each thought we take as truth further shapes our view of the world around us, which is our version of reality.  This is why positive thinking is so important.  Positive affirmations that you accept really do have the power to change your life.  The more you repeat them, the more they are accepted as fact, the more you are drawn into a world full of love, harmony, and good fortune.  These positive suggestions build upon each other, raising your vibration.  On the other hand, you can see how negative statements can drag you down further into a reality that is full of untruths and lower energy.  It is completely up to you as to which suggestions you take as truth and which you discard.

Pay attention to your conversations.  "I wish, I think, I like, I hate, I can, I can't" all begin powerful suggestions.  Our words not only affect us, they affect others as well.  Are you hypnotizing others around you?  "You are, You can't, You had better..."  More suggestions. What reality are you creating right now, for yourself and others?  I suggest you pay attention to your suggestions.  Hypnotize yourself into your ultimate reality.  My next suggestion is "I am happy, healthy, and content." That's a suggestion I am glad to accept.