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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

When Strangers Spill Their Guts...

Susan Marek

I receive A TUT Message from the Universe every morning.  They are usually funny and insightful, but today's message was particularly good.  It said:

Ever wondered why so many people, sometimes virtual strangers, tell you their deepest secrets, Susan? It's because when they look into your eyes, they see me.  And sharing their secrets with me, as you, reminds them that no matter what they have to say, my love is so much bigger.
We're quite the team -
    The Universe

This message really made me think because strangers spilling their guts to me happens A LOT.  At first, I was rather uncomfortable with it, but it happens so often that it doesn't phase me anymore.  I have heard just about everything, from lying and stealing to abortions and extramarital affairs.  Apparently, nothing is off-limits.  I had assumed that people found me trust worthy and a good listener ( I first typed God listener. How appropriate!), but this message made me realize it is so much more than that. It is about opening yourself up to others at the heart level and listening with your sacred self.  Allowing another human to connect with you on this soul level is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and them.  And what a wonderful way to honor God!

I had never truly thought about how we are reflections of God's love for all of us until this morning when this message appeared in my in-box.    Now I realize that the simple act of listening can be sacred.  It assists in our spiritual growth when we look beyond the obvious and allow the connection of two souls to take place.  It can also be quite healing for all involved.  I have learned much from the stories of human heartache and conflict told to me by virtual strangers. The next time a stranger spills their guts to me, I will thank The Universe that I am a Go(o)d listener.