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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Spiritual Lost and Found

Susan Marek

A friend just called me in tears.  She told me she had lost her passport and was supposed to leave TODAY for an international trip.  She wondered if I could help.  I told her what I got and to call on her angels. I also said she needed to be receptive to their guidance.  Here are some tips for calling on your spiritual friends for assistance:

1. Call on Archangel Chamuel for help in locating your lost item.  This archangel is always available to provide assistance.  "Archangel Chamuel, I know nothing is lost in the eyes of God.  Please help me find ____________. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

2. Ask your personal angels to point you in the right direction.  Remember to thank them for their help.

3. When asking for guidance, you must also be ready to receive the answer.  When we lose something, we are often in a panic and not in the right mind to be open to guidance.  Please remember that asking for help is only the first step.  You must calm yourself and put yourself in a receptive state so you will be aware of the answer when it arrives.  Deep breaths and meditation help tremendously with this.

4. Be open to all forms of guidance.  Sometimes it arrives in the form of a gut instinct, a flash of where the item is, or maybe an instant knowing of the location.  Don't disregard any guidance, even if you have already searched there or it seems unlikely.  Sometimes the most ridiculous things turn out to be the answer.

5. Use a pendulum.  If you have a pendulum, you can ask it variety of questions to narrow down your search.  You can even use it as a dowsing device to literally lead you to the item.

I don't know if my friend found her passport, but I am positive that she will receive an answer to her request.  All prayers are answered in some form.  We just need to be open to receiving that answer in whatever form it takes.