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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Simple Space to Sacred Space

Susan Marek

We have all seen altars in churches, some more ornate than others.  Some people have an altar in their home dedicated to deceased loved ones. Altars are symbols of Divine space, a place dedicated to spirituality and/or religious beliefs.  In my home, I have a small space dedicated to my spiritual beliefs. I wouldn't call it an altar really, but a small sanctuary on a bookshelf in my bedroom.  It holds my crystals, a few statues of angels, my pendulum, a salt lamp, and a few candles.  I see it when I first wake up and right before I go to sleep.  It reminds me of my connection to Spirit and my path in this lifetime.   I think that everyone should have a space dedicated to their own beliefs, a sacred space that can serve as a refuge from day-to-day stresses.  This could be as big as a room or as small as a shelf.  Just someplace to go or view that brings you back to your divine center.
Here are some easy, low-cost ideas to help you create your own sacred space:
   - Choose a space that you feel relaxed in, whether it be a bedroom, a corner of your living room, or even a sheltered outdoor spot.  It can even be the top of a bookcase, a shelf, or a table.
   - Clear out the clutter.  This is your sanctuary!  Treat it as such.  Remove anything that doesn't celebrate your connection to Spirit. 
   - Clear the energy.  You can clear the energy of your space very easily with smudging.  Sage bundles work very well at clearing.  With a lighter, light your sage bundle, then blow it out, thus creating the smoke.  Wave the bundle in the space to be cleared, setting the intention of clearing and creating a peaceful, loving environment.
   - Set the stage. A favorite handkerchief, table cloth, piece of fabric, or scarf can be a beautiful and simple way to add color to your space.  I used a heirloom table runner to cover the top of a  bookcase. 
   - Time to decorate!  Crystals, flowers, candles, pictures, statues, and sacred objects are all things you can use to make it your own sacred space.  Switch things around with the seasons.  Add and remove objects when you feel inspired to do so. 

There are no rules to designing your own divine space.  Use your intuition and have fun with it!