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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

New Moon Mainfesting - Think BIG!

Susan Marek

Today marks the new moon.  The energy of the new moon is one of hope, promise, and magic.  It is the perfect time to begin new projects or set intentions.  Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating your own new moon ritual:

 - Set aside 15-20 minutes for your new moon ritual.
 - Find a quiet spot and begin with a short invocation or prayer. 
 - Center yourself using any technique you choose, like focused breathing, a short guided meditation, or chanting.
 - On a piece of paper, write down your intentions for creating.  What do you want to manifest into your life right now?  What projects do you want to start?  What empowering habits would you like to incorporate into your life?  When you write them down, word them as if they have already happened.  I like to use words like, "Thank you for my great new job!" or "I am really enjoying driving my new, red convertible."
 - After finishing your list of intentions, quietly sit with that list in your mind and use visualization to bring them to life.  Focus on being in the moment with each intention, really feeling like you have that new job or are driving that new car.  Immerse yourself in the sensations, feelings, and thoughts around your intentions.
 - Remember to express your gratitude! 

Post your intentions where you can see them.  Just seeing the list automatically brings you back into the frame of mind in which you created those intentions.  This increases your positive vibrations that you are putting out there to manifest your desires, and it is uplifting to daydream about all those fabulous things that are on their way into your life! 

The time for this new moon is 11:44 am.  Those numbers remind us that the angels are with us as our powerful thoughts are manifesting quickly, so think positively! What a wonderful time to begin this period of creation!  Have fun and think BIG!