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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

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Begone, Ego!

Susan Marek

Last week I was on vacation at Walt Disney World.  At the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park, there is something called The Great Movie Ride.  It is a slow-moving car through re-creations of scenes from classic movies.  One scene you pass through is The Wizard of Oz munchkin land set.  At one point the Wicked Witch of the West pops in and threatens Dorothy.  Glinda the Good Witch comes in and saves that day, saying, "Ha, ha, ha! Rubbish! You don't have any magic powers here! Begone before someone drops a house on you too!" The Wicked Witch of the West disappears in a puff of smoke, and Dorothy begins her journey down the Yellow Brick Road.

It occurred to me that I could use that same technique with my ego.   Not the house dropping part, but reminding my lower self that it has "no magic powers here" in my heart where my higher self lives.  When you get overwhelmed with self-doubt, criticism, worries and fears, explain to your ego that it has no magic powers and to begone!  Then follow the yellw brick road.  You may meet with crazy trees and flying monkeys along your path, but in the end, the power to return to your higher self is in your hands, or in Dorothy's case, her feet.

Where Do You Find God?

Susan Marek

Where do you find God?

in a baby's smile
in a cat's purr
in a friend's tear
in a tree's shadow
in a flower's fragrance
in a strawberry's sweetness
in a dog's sleepy yawn
in the darkest night
in the brightest day
in a gorgeous sunset
in a lover's touch
in each breath you take
in a broken heart
in a open mind
in ourselves.

Where do you find God?

The Spiritual Lie Detector

Susan Marek

Today, my Daily Practical Mystic™ Tip read: 

TRUTH = Transform Reality Using The Heart. Creating from the heart connects us to our TRUE selves.

I was inspired by Neale Donald Walsch's acronym for FEAR (false evidence appearing real).  I thought, "What is opposite of fear? Truth!" When we know the truth, we are no longer afraid.  The truth is our path of the heart.  When we create from our heart center, we are living our best life, following our divine path and connecting with our higher self. We are transforming our reality.

This is all well and good, but HOW does one do that?  Your heart is the center of your emotions and your truth detector.  Decisions that are made from your heart are ones that are aligned with your divine path and higher self.  Your body, your feelings, your intuition are going to tell you when you are in your truth.  A close friend was scheduled to move to Canada to attend school.  As the time got closer to the move, she began to experience extreme nausea whenever she thought about the move.  It was nearly incapacitating and something she had never experienced before.  She was surprised that a simple thought could produce such powerful effects on her body, so she wrote it off as nerves.  She left on a Thursday, arrived at her new place in Canada on Friday, repacked her U-Haul on Saturday, and drove back to the US on Monday.  That has to be the quickest move ever!  When she arrived at in Canada, she was again physically ill and extremely upset.  She couldn't go through with her plans to attend school there because she wasn't following her heart.  Her heart had been telling her for months that this was not the right decision.  It even tried to get her attention with nausea, but she was so involved in the reality of the move that she couldn't see that she had veered off course.  Her heart eventually got through to her, 2000 miles and $3000 later.  When we pay attention to what our bodies and emotions are trying to tell us, we are tuning into the TRUTH, because they amplify what the heart is saying.

Our realities are made of FEAR and TRUTH.  Some of it false, some of it resonating with our higher self. You can transform your reality by following your heart, using this divine inner light to illuminate your way.  You have a choice: live in fear or live in truth.  It is as simple as making a choice, and it is completely in YOUR control.  There is nothing better than being in charge of your destiny.  And that's the TRUTH.