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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Elige Magistrum

Susan Marek

The New Year often is followed by our commitment to new outcomes for the coming months.  We resolve to eat healthier foods, exercise more, take on new projects.  We clean our homes, de-clutter, create a clean slate on which to build our new year.  But usually by the end of January, things go awry.  We are back to old habits and one would think we hadn’t committed to anything at all.  Should we even bother to do better?

Many years ago, someone introduced me to the saying, “Elige Magistrum.”  Translated from the Latin, it means “Choose your master (or teacher.)”  It reminds us to focus on what we want our end goal to be, how we want to feel and who we want to be moving forward.  Each day we are making choices as seemingly trivial as breakfast choices (which for some, may be an extremely important choice) to life-changing choices like leaving a job or making a move.  Each person has their own struggles and goals, and thus choice is relative to the person.  There is not one blanket rule for all people regarding food, job, housing, school, etc.  But what is universal is our desire to feel necessary, desire to follow our soul’s purpose, and I would argue, be of service to others.

When we are able to remove ourselves, even for a few minutes, from the chaos of everyday life, we have an opportunity to connect with our heart about our purpose and the direction we want our life to go. This allows us to choose our master.  Will we choose to be governed by fear, and from that place, make choices influenced by anger, sadness, greed, and revenge?  Or will we choose to be governed by love, making choices from a place of peace, happiness, hope, and gratitude?  One choice, two masters, two totally different outcomes. 

In the case of New Year’s resolutions, we are constantly choosing a master of our resolutions.  Will our commitment to healthy eating be sabotaged by an angry and fearful ego, who encourages us to quit since we were never able to do it before, so why think you can now?  Or will our commitment be surrounded in love by solutions that support our desire to be healthy and happy?   Will your choice to volunteer to help others less fortunate be discouraged by the master who thinks it’s a waste of the little bit of free time you rarely get or will it be bolstered by the master who praises your unselfish act as needed, appreciated and making a difference?  Both outcomes are equally probable.  YOU are in control of what master you serve and how it influences your life.

Who will you choose to serve, not only for your resolutions but for your life?  I choose happiness, love and service.  I hope you will join me.