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Susan Marek's blog about angels, chakras, spiritual living, and more.

Gifting Your Gift

Susan Marek

Gifts are wonderful.  They bring to mind brightly wrapped boxes with frilly bows or colorful bags with tissue paper flowing over the sides. I get so excited when someone gifts me with something special.  A gift can be a noun or a verb!  Isn’t that clever?  We may think gifts are only for birthdays, anniversaries or other holidays, but really, gifts can and should be given with reckless abandon everyday of the year!


I have a gift for writing.  I have had this since I could hold a crayon and my writing has grown from a comic book about a superhero car to books, articles, essays and blogs.  The point is, I never stopped sharing my gift of writing with the world.  Whether my readers were my parents, teachers, clients or the whole world wide web, I knew it was my mission to share my writing.    


When Beth Tiger, executive director of Durga Tree Int’l, asked me to help write material for Durga Tree, I immediately said, “YES!”  I could use my way with words to help share the message and mission of Durga Tree with others.  I am able to volunteer for a cause that sets my heart ablaze and “gift my gift” to help others.  And that in return, is quite a gift to me.


What kind of gifts do you have that could be shared to help others?  Some people give the gift of money, some their time; others gift goods and/or services.  Perhaps you are an artist who could give their talents and time toward a cause you are passionate about.  You could be an accountant who could gift their time and expertise with numbers.  You might be great at organizing, party planning or baking.  Whatever your gifts, they certainly can be used and would be greatly appreciated by a cause to which you are devoted.  You, too, could “gift your gift” and that is something that doesn’t need to be brightly wrapped or in a colorful bag to be the best gift of all.