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Minute Meditations

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Connecting With Spirit Meditation

Susan Marek

Connecting with Spirit Meditation

 This meditation may be used at any time to assist you in a mindful connection with Spirit.  I encourage you to first call on your angels and guides to be at hand and to provide a comfortable, loving presence during your meditation.  You may also find it helpful to record these words in your own voice and play it back during meditation.  I recommend you perform this meditation sitting comfortably on the floor or a chair. 


 Close your eyes. 

 Take a deep breath.  Inhale through your nose, letting the breath flow easily and effortlessly into your lungs.  Exhale slowly, allowing your breath to gently flow upward and out through your mouth.

Relax deeper into yourself as you take another deep breath, again letting it effortlessly flow in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Visualize yourself standing at the bottom of a small hill on the edge of a lush meadow.  It is a bright, sunny day, and there is a cooling breeze that softly brushes by your face.  You begin to walk up a gently sloping path that winds its way around the hill to the summit.  This walk is effortless, and you seem to easily glide along at a relaxed pace. You can hear the chirping of birds in the meadow.  You are fully relaxed and enjoying the day.  As you ascend further, you notice the sounds have shifted and now seem to be coming from above you.  You hear soft tones, which surround you in a gentle vibration.  You are at the top now, and the light around you is an intense gold light.  You feel lighter than you have ever felt before and more relaxed than you have ever been.  You sit in the grass at the top and allow the light and tones to completely envelope you. Breathe deeply and relax into this Divine light and vibration, knowing you are complete as you are and are connected at your core to Spirit.  The vibrations are aligning your higher self to the Oneness of the Universe.  You are perfect, whole, and complete.  As you breathe in the golden light, your body drinks in the energy, replenishing and repairing itself, aligning itself with its Divine blueprint.  Breathe…

You stand and begin to walk slowly down the path toward the meadow.  As you descend, you feel blissful and renewed.  You reach the bottom and again hear the birds and sounds of the meadow. You are grateful for the divine connection and know that you may return to this spot at anytime.  When you are ready, take a deep breath and feel the energy flowing through your body as you gently come back into the room and continue with your day, fully energized and refreshed.  

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