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Susan Marek

Angelic Intuitive - Author - Practical Soul Crafter



Your Best Life Starts Now.

After experiencing many profound angelic visitations in my 20s and a spiritual re-awakening, I was guided to begin my journey as a professional angelic intuitive in order to bring messages from the divine to people around the world.  It is my purpose and passion to assist others in living their best life ON PURPOSE.

It's time.  

It's your birthright.

Let's do this together!

Four Sundays of Somedays Group - January 2019

Let’s make Everyday your Someday together! Join our “Four Sundays of Somedays” group to get moving on your passions! We will meet virtually for an hour each Sunday to support each other and make tangible progress on manifesting your dreams. It’s fun and a great way to start living life ON PURPOSE! 2019 is the year of DOING. Stop waiting around for Someday to come! Make EVERYDAY YOUR SOMEDAY!

Together, we will:
- Make a list of your Somedays and discover which Somedays speaks to your purpose and passions!
- Lay out the game plan for making your Somedays a reality!
- Vanquish doubts and destroy blocks that stand in the way of making your Someday come true!
- Build on your passions and discover your purpose!

Your investment in your Somedays is $25. The first 15 registrants will receive my “Make Everyday Your Someday: The Guide to Living With Passion and Purpose” FREE! Email me to register:

Who or What are Angels?

Angels are found in all major religions and have been celebrated for centuries as divine messengers and protectors.  Archangel Michael, protector and "head" of all the angels, is commonly seen with sword in one hand and shield in the other, stomping out "evil" in the form of a dragon or the devil. Archangel Gabriel is known for announcing momentous events. We speak about how our guardian angels "must be working overtime" when we are miraculously saved from harm, constantly watched over by these divine spirits.  Angels are among us and are faithfully guiding and protecting us, as well as providing support to us in all ways, always.  

Angels are divine beings of high vibrating energy, and we experience them in many different ways.  We may see them physically with our eyes or with our mind's eye in dreams.  They may come to us in human form, either through another human or temporarily taking on a body so they can assist us with a certain task or issue.  We often see them as a ball of light, caught out of the corner of your eye or appearing and disappearing right in front of us.  They may whisper divine guidance into our ears or point us in the right direction through music or text. Their divine unconditional love and acceptance are truly a gift to us.  

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